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Decorative Capitals
Decorative Capitals
Round Tapered Columns
Decorative Column Capitals
Decorative column capitals have crowned columns beautifully for centuries. Today, the Endura-Series™ line offers you the most popular designs of ancient Italy and Greece in sizes to match our columns, so you can add a classic finish to your home.

Our tradition of careful detailing and consistent production quality has a perfect showcase in the designs of these capitals. Pacific Columns' decorative capitals are cast from FRP making them both durable and load bearing. A architectural correct columns with a decorative capital is unsurpassed standard for beauty, authenticity, and elegance.

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Column Shaft Styles
Smooth/Plain Columns
    Offers a smooth shaft surface with no design or pattern
Fluted Columns
    Half round vertical grooves on the shaft of a column
Column Plan Types

Round Column Shaft Plan Types
Plan A
Plan B
Plan C
Plan D
are unsplit/whole
1/4 cut out for outside corner
1/4 cut out for pilaster
spilt in 1/2
(Two Halves)
Plan Q
Plan W
1/4 cut out for
inside corner
cut out for
a wall wrap
Please specify exact dimensions when purchasing custom split or cut out plan types
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