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Decorative Capitals
Round Non-Tapered Columns
Available in:
Endura-Stone™ Columns— (FRP)
Endura-Stone™ Columns are architecturally proportioned columns manufactured from rotocast, Fiberglass-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) – the most advanced construction material in the world. With Flame Guard™, Endura-Stone™ Columns have become the first FRP column to achieve the distinction of passing an industry test (ASTME, 84-01) that measures the flame spread and smoke development of building components in a fire. Pound for pound they are stronger than concrete columns, steel columns, stone columns, wood columns, or aluminum columns. With the look and feel of natural stone, Endura-Stone™ columns are the most popular column for both interior columns and exterior columns. FRP columns offer exceptionally low maintenance, the look-and-feel of natural stone, and a range of applications unequalled by conventional wood columns. They are non-porous, waterproof, and impervious to termite and carpenter ant attack as well as staining and decaying fungi. High-humidity environments that are so hard on wood columns have no effect on these FRP columns; they are rot-proof because they absorb virtually no moisture. In fact, temperature extremes and thermal cycling have very little effect on FRP columns.

Ideal For:
Porch Columns – Structural Columns - Exterior Columns
Interior Columns – Architectural Columns
Decorative Columns – Patio Columns – Entry Columns

Endura-Wound™ Columns— (Filament Wound)
Specifically designed for load bearing applications Endura-Wound™ Filament Wound Columns are designed with architecturally accurate entasis, manufactured with space age filament winding technology and offer a Lifetime Warranty. Endura-Columns filament winding technology comes from today’s advanced design and fabrication procedures for rocket and missile cases – creating lighter weight structures without sacrificing strengths. Endura-Wound™ Columns are the perfect solution for larger, smooth fiberglass columns. Manufactured using a filament winding process, continuous glass fibers and resins are spun up and down a column-shaped lathe in two directions: 90° and 45°. This allows for maximum strength and high durability with an ultra-light weight, making installation a breeze. No heavy equipment is necessary to install these light weight columns. The Filament Wound Columns can withstand normal construction abuse, weathering, decay, insect infestation, and other environmental influences. For a simple, yet durable column, Endura-Wound™ Columns are the perfect fit.

Ideal For
Large Columns – Exterior Columns – Structural Columns
Light Weight Columns – Decorative Columns

Round Non-Tapered Fiberglass Columns
  Round Non-Tapered Columns are a perfect example of the evolution of architectural columns. For columns to be historically accurate according to the ancient Greek and Roman specifications, they should possess a true architectural taper. As time has passed, several variations in the size and style of columns have been introduced into architecture. One of the newer introductions into the column family is the Round Non-Tapered Column. Endura-Series™ Round Non-Tapered Columns offer an elegant look that is available in several sizes sure to fit your project.
Structural or Decorative Columns


Round Non-Tapered Columns are provided in diameters ranging from 8” to 36” and heights between 8’ and 24’. One feature of the Round Non-Tapered Column is the ability to be cut down to any specified size. Because it does not include a taper, the cap and base will fit no matter how much of the shaft you trim.
Architectural Columns
  Available in a number of materials, Endura-Series™ Round Non-Tapered Columns may be ordered with either the Tuscan Base, or the more ornate Attic Base. Pacific Columns is sure to have the Round Non-Tapered Column that fits your project needs.
Endura-Series Columns – Your complete source for Architectural Columns
Endura-Series Columns offers a wide range of architectural and decorative fiberglass and composite columns for residential and commercial installation, including round and square architectural fiberglass columns, wood columns, stone columns, polyurethane and stone balustrade systems, porch systems.
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