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Inspired by the columns of ancient Greece, modern porch columns enhance your exterior decor with a timeless elegance that has become such defining characteristics of Classical architecture. Today's tapered columns placed at intervals, and often spanning two stories, echo the classic Greek porch or "portico", where columns would support the roof of the porch, while at the same time, defining the building's decor and aesthetic personality.

In ancient architecture, the first columns of what are now Egypt, Persia, and Greece, were functional and designed to carry massive weight, however; they soon evolved into elaborately designed decorative elements. The first Greek columns were probably made of wood, but reached the height of their popularity in marble.

During modern times, architectural columns enjoy resurgence in popularity through the Greek Revival architectural style. Today is columns are available in both traditional and modern materials. Todayís construction technologies make it possible for you to include architecturally accurate columns in your exterior decor, while utilizing the most durable and efficient building materials.

The most prominent element of Greek and Roman architecture is the column, which is technically referred to as an "order". There are three primary Greek columns: the Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian. The Doric column was used as far back as the 7th century BC. The Doric column is the most frequently used column in classically inspired architecture. The Doric column is cylindrical and simply styled, and of the most primitive design, and because of this, it is rather versatile, and works well with many different decor styles.

The colonnaded porch is the most prominent feature of the Greek building. In contemporary architecture, a grand colonnaded porch that encircles the entire perimeter of a home is known as a ìverandaî. The veranda is a modern evolution of the Greek "peristyle", which was not included in Roman porches, as the porch only spanned the front of the building. Verandas are often included in the large plantation style homes made so popular in the southern United States.

Porch columns can also be combined with other elements to greatly enhance your exterior decor, and to establish a shaded, and semi-private space. Balustrade systems, porch railings, and thin posts are often used to compliment porch columns.

Porch columns hold an air of grandiose seriousness, sobriety and stability, and because of this, they are used to accent banks, institutions, government buildings, and churches. Porch columns can also be employed to achieve the same effect in residential architecture.

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