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Ionic Columns

Ionic columns belong to one of the three classical Greek orders. The Ionic order followed the Doric order and preceded the Corinthian order. Ionic columns started appearing around mid-6th century BC.

Ionic columns were slightly more ornate than Doric columns. The capitals, or "tops," of Ionic columns included paired scrolls. The shafts of Ionic columns continued to carry the traditional vertical flutes, or grooves, of Doric columns, but were taller than those of the older style. This made the columns look slimmer. Ionic columns included large bases which resembled stacked rings. Today, Ionic columns which are derived from those made long ago continue to be popular selections for those who purchase columns.

Today's Ionic columns are made from many more materials than those which were made in ancient times. Not only can Ionic columns be made out of stone or wood, they can be made from materials including synthetic stone or fiberglass. These newer materials have some advantages over the older ones. For example, fiberglass columns and synthetic stone will never have to be painted or stained again, unlike columns made from wood. However, many people feel that nothing can replace the real look and feel of stone or wood.

You will be improving the appearance of your home when you install Ionic columns, regardless of the materials that are used in their construction. Your Ionic columns will bring a classical, rich feel to your home.

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