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One of the latest features that Pacific Columns has available is the new QuickShip program. With this innovative program, Pacific Columns is able to ship out specified products to anywhere in the nation within 72 hours
(3 business days) after your order is processed. (Additional Fee & Size Restrictions Apply)

National Inventory
Pacific Columns’ extensive history in the column industry has allowed the company to establish several locations throughout the country. With sites strategically positioned throughout the nation, Pacific Columns is able to service any segment of the country with the quickest lead times and superior customer relations.

InstaQuote™ - Complete Quote with Shop Drawings/specs &
Flame Guard™
With Flame Guard™, Endura-Stone™ has become the first FRP column to achieve the distinction of passing an industry test (ASTME, 84-01) that measures the flame spread and smoke development of building components in a fire.
State of the Art Manufacturing
Each Endura-Series™ Column is manufactured from the most advanced building material in the construction market. Composite elements allow Endura-Series™ Columns to last a lifetime without warping, cracking, or any type of deterioration, while offering load-bearing capacities well above industry standards.
Expanded Product Line
Endura-Series™ Columns are manufactured following the classic architectural dimensions, or may be ordered with any custom combination of height and width. This guarantees the exact fit for your project requirements.
Architectural Specifications/CAD Drawings

Endura-Classic: Architectural Spec Sheet | Request CAD Drawing
Endura-Craft: Architectural Spec Sheet | Request CAD Drawing
Endura-Series: Architectural Spec Sheet | Request CAD Drawing
Endura-Wound: Architectural Spec Sheet | Request CAD Drawing

Legacy Report

Each Endura-Stone™ is ICC-ES compliant and a complete report is available.

ICC-ES is the United States’ leader in evaluating building products for compliance with code. A nonprofit, public-benefit corporation, ICC-ES does technical evaluations of building products, components, methods, and materials. The evaluation process culminates with the issuance of reports on code compliance, which are made available free of charge to code officials, contractors, specifiers, architects, engineers, and anyone else with an interest in the building industry and construction. ICC-ES evaluation reports provide evidence that products and systems meet code requirements. Click here for more information about ICC-ES.

Waranty Info

Endura-Series™ Columns are virtually maintenance-free. They are impervious to termite and carpenter ant attack as well as staining and decaying fungi. High-humidity environments have no effect on these non-porous, waterproof columns. All Endura-Series™ Columns are covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty to the original purchaser.

Endura-Series Columns – Your complete source for Architectural Columns
Endura-Series Columns offers a wide range of architectural and decorative fiberglass and composite columns for residential and commercial installation, including round and square architectural fiberglass columns, wood columns, stone columns, polyurethane and stone balustrade systems, porch systems.
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