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Decorative Capitals
Decorative Capitals

Exterior Columns

Do you have a porch or an extended entryway? Do they look a little-bare? You might want to consider installing some exterior columns.

Exterior columns are better than ever today. They are available made from many different materials, including synthetics, composites, and fiberglass. These exterior columns are easier to install and are relatively maintenance free.

There are also many exterior columns from which to choose. Exterior columns can be based on classical Greek and Roman columns. They can be a combination of different ancient motifs. If you want your exterior columns to be understated, you can find them with simple square bases, capitols, or tops, and shafts or round bases, capitals, shafts. If you choose your exterior columns to be slightly more ornate, you can choose your round columns to have flutes, or grooves, running vertically on the shaft. If you would like them to be a focal point, there are several ornate exterior columns which include stylized floral arrangements and scrolls on the shafts.

Exterior columns can be a welcome addition to your home. With so many styles and materials from which to choose, you are sure the find the perfect columns for your house. These columns can have the added benefit of adding value to your home.

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Endura-Series™ Columns offers a wide range of architectural and decorative fiberglass and composite columns for residential and commercial installation, including round and square architectural fiberglass columns, wood columns, stone columns, polyurethane and stone balustrade systems, porch systems.
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