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Decorative Capitals

Doric Columns

Doric columns were the first of the three classical columns of Greek architecture. Doric columns were much less ornate than columns of the later Ionic and Corinthian periods. Initially, Doric columns did not have bases. They were crowned by a simple capital which rose up to meet the abacus, or the final "top" of the column. The abacus was a square that supported the beam above. The shaft of a Doric column was fluted, or grooved, with parallel lines that ran the length of the shaft.

Romans adopted the Greek Doric columns and added their own changes to the designs of the columns. For example, Roman Doric columns had square bases. Not all Roman Doric columns included fluting on their shafts.

Today, you can find Doric columns that resemble those of the ancient times to add classical elegance to your home. These columns can be constructed to be either load bearing or non-load bearing. There are a variety of materials in which Doric columns are made. These materials include wood, fiberglass, synthetic stone, poly/marble, and cast stone, many more choices than those available to ancient Greeks and Romans.

Doric columns can pull together the classical motifs that you use throughout your home or can be a valued part of an eclectic design. Their simple elegance will make a statement about how you feel about your house.

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