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Decorative Capitals
Decorative Capitals
Decorative Capitals for Round Tapered Columns
All of our decorative Capitals beautifuly capture the true themes and aesthetic of composite sculptures. Inherited from the cross-section from a Nautilus shell, the Roman Ionic, Greek Erectheum, Greek Angular Ionic, Scamozzi, and Empire Capitals imitate the spiral scrolls. The acanthus leaves on the Temple of Winds and Corinthian Capitals echo the flowering crown of a tree. These capitals are crafted from fiberglass or composite materials and are shaped into the appropriate proportions for the various styles of architecture and sizes of column shafts.
Roman Ionic
Roman Corinthian
Roman Ionic Capital
Scamozzi Capital
Roman Corinthian Capital
Temple of Winds
Roman Doric Ornamental
Greek Angular Ionic
Temple of Winds Capital
Roman Doric Ornamental
Greek Angular Ionic Capital
Greek Erectheum
Greek Erectheum Capital
Empire Capital
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