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The classical Greek orders in architecture are the Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian orders. The Corinthian order was the last of the three orders. Corinthian columns belong in this category. Corinthian columns were much more ornate than were Doric and Ionic columns. The most recognizable motif in Corinthian columns is the capital, or top, of the column which is decorated with stylized acanthus leaves. The acanthus plant is noted for its spiky leaves. The shafts of Corinthian columns were fluted, or grooved, vertically.

Corinthian columns continued to be popular during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. While the stylization of the acanthus leaves and other details changed, the roots of these Corinthian columns remained with ancient Greece, and later, ancient Rome. Today's Corinthian columns can still be recognizably traced to ancient times.

The advantage of today's Corinthian columns over those made in the past lies with the materials that are used in their construction. The ancient Greeks were limited to constructing their Corinthian columns out of stone and wood. Today's Corinthian columns are not only available in wood and stone; they are available made from materials such as synthetic stone, fiberglass, and pre-cast stone. The advantages of these modern materials over traditional materials include ease of installation and relatively low maintenance.

If you install Corinthian columns in your home, you will be carrying on a tradition of classical elegance that has lasted through the ages.

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