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Transforming Structures with Endura-Series™ Fiberglass Columns

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Endura-Series™ complete line of Fiberglass Columns are the products of choice by homeowners and builders who demand beauty, value, and performance.

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All of our Endura-Series™ Fiberglass Columns are virtually maintenance free. Constructed from some of the most advanced construction materials available, these Fiberglass columns withstand natural insect attacks from termites and carpenter ants, as well as the effects of staining and decaying fungi. Because Endura-Series™ Fiberglass Columns are non-porous and waterproof, high humidity environments have no effect on them. To ensure quality, every Endura-Series™ Fiberglass Column is covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty to the original purchaser. See warranty card for details.



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Patio Columns are the perfect addition to any Patio. Endura-Series™ provides a full line of patio columns that will be sure to add beauty and value to any patio project. Contractors, Architects, and Home Builders often use the Tuscan style of Patio Columns to add a classic and timeless look to any back yard patio.


Decorative Columns have been used interior as décor for thousands of years, dating back to the earliest Greek and Roman columns. Historically, columns have been used for structural purposes as well as being visually appealing, but as time has continued and more architectural columns were introduced into architecture, decorative columns have become, and continue to be increasing popular in home renovation and home improvement.



Porch Columns can set the style for your home. Adding a little extra old-world charm to an exterior front porch has never been easier with the Endura-Stone™ Front Porch Columns. Our front porch columns are not only visually appealing, but these true architectural columns are now available to home owners, builders, and contractors who want a traditional look for their home improvement front porch projects.



Endura-Series™ line of structural columns are both gorgeous and structural -- these structural columns, are offered either Round or Square in either a tapered or non-tapered style with the options of a true ionic flute. Our Endura-Series™ Columns are architecturally proportioned and manufactured from rotocast, Fiberglass-Reinforced Polymer (FRP). – The most advanced construction material in the world. Pound for pound they are stronger than concrete, steel, or aluminum.



Architectural Columns can transform a structure with true Architectural Columns there is no compromise in design, style, or beauty. Endura-Series™ Architectural Fiberglass Columns are the product of choice for both home owners and builders who demand style, value, and performance. Endura-Series™ Columns offers the most extensive sequence of Architectural Columns and Decorative Column Capitals in the construction industry.



Whether you are looking for square columns that are tapered or non-tapered, We can help you. With both tapered square columns and non-tapered square columns styles, and with two different materials (Endura-Stone™ / Endura-Craft™), Endura-Series™ Columns are able to provide your architect, home builder, contractor with the correct solution for your project. New and inventive home improvement materials like expanded cellular PVC makes square columns installation a breeze.



Decorative interior columns have become very popular in commercial and residential applications. Small business and homeowners often use fiberglass interior columns and capitals placed up against a wall as pilaster columns. This gives a timeless effect and looks as if the column is part of the building’s structural support. Although popular today, architectural interior columns have a long history of use dating back thousands of years. From the ancient Egyptians to the ancient Greeks, interior columns were used for decorative appeal as well building support.



Endura-Series™ Exterior Columns are virtually maintenance-free architectural fiberglass columns. FRP columns are impervious to termite and carpenter ant attack as well as staining and decaying fungi. High-humidity environments have no effect on these non-porous, waterproof pillars. Whether you need interior columns or exterior columns we have the correct architectural column for you. All Endura-Series™ Architectural Columns are covered by a Limited Lifetime Column Warranty.

Endura-Series Columns – Your complete source for Architectural Columns
Endura-Series Columns offers a wide range of architectural and decorative fiberglass and composite columns for residential and commercial installation, including round and square architectural fiberglass columns, wood columns, stone columns, polyurethane and stone balustrade systems, porch systems.
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